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Content Trends | 5 Halloween Audios You Need To Use This October 2022

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Halloween audio october content ideas by beauty of business

'Tis the season to feel spooky, so what better way than giving this month's reels and tik toks a ghoulish edge! Do you find you're always scrolling, hearing amazing audio you could use but never saving? And when you go back to find it - it's gone! Actual nightmare. If this is you, then I have the perfect tool to help you keep ontop of audio trends and to help you find seasonal audios to create content that's on trend.

Finding audio trends and audio that’s trending, remembering to save it THEN actually using it is a minefield all in itself! I’m here to take away that headache!

▫️I’ve used one of the audios in this reel, so just click to save it!

▫️Head to my ‘Audio’ highlight to save the rest!

Job done 👏🏼

👉Perfect for business, brand, lifestyle and service based reels!

👉 Halloween Season is ma faveeee! Can’t wait to see your content in action! Looking for more inspired audio?

👇Comment below and I’ll go for a hunt 🕵️


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