How To Make Your Business Look Beautiful Online

Hello! And welcome to the Beauty of Business blog. If you've just landed and thought "oh, I wish my business had a blog"honest hun, it's super easy and super fun to do one: need a hand? DM me or email I have been blogging for 7+ years as a hobby (check out my baby blog and I've just transcended my skills over to my business: so here I am, to offer you guys a platform with tips, hints, facts and figures to make your business look beautiful online (because we all know beauty sells).

Who is Beauty of Business and what does she do?

I'm that little blonde thurrr in the middle. Hey guys *waves*. Just a snapshot from my Instagram Masterclass - a great way of meeting other fab Boss Babes who want to slay their social media and a great way of learning some fab new skills, hints and tip on how to grow your business Instagram. In a nutshell, what I do is all in my business name, Beauty of Business: helping you make your business look beautiful online.

I work with women in business who desire their online presence to represent their business and the hard work they invest into creating their success. I help women in business to target and resonate with their dream clients, to grow an engaged audience and to become a trusted brand with loyal return customers. I do this by focusing on key elements in your business online strategy: your audience go through a number of touchpoints online now before they slide into your DMs. They are a savvy, digital buyer and they know where to look, how to do their research and what they want. If you don't fall into their criteria aesthetically (because we all judge a book by its cover), they won't swipe right; never to be seen again. Bye hun. But we want them to linger longer, lust to be part of your online tribe and to take that first moment of truth and enquire about your services, because we are all here to sell aren't we.

I mean, I started my business for two reasons: freedom (I hate people telling me what to do) and money (I wanna travel the world but not on a budget). Why did you start your business? I can't imagine it being totally dissimilar to mine. Freedom - to see your family and be an active part of their lives on your terms maybe? Money - you might not wanna travel like me, but I bet you have a wish list of fabulous things you want and deserve? Right? RIGHT!

The services I offer are Instagram Takeovers and Instagram Makeovers, Website Design and then I also offer more niche, bespoke packages from branding, design, videography, email marketing - it just depends what your goal is and what you'd like to achieve as to how I can help you. So what do you want to achieve? You can tell me here.

This post though, is going to focus on my Instagram Makeovers and Takeovers. Interested? Let's crack on shall we!

Does your Instagram aesthetic represent your business? Do you look at your feed and think "why doesn't it look as gorgeous as my clinic / salon / room / office?" Well, that's what I'm here for! I love my instagram, and I take the time to create my vision to represent my message to my dream clients - which is probably you if you're here! I want to bridge the gap between stuffy, boring corporate run of the mill 'digital' businesses who do not get your vision. I know you work in an industry where looking beautiful is the pinnacle - hell, my background is in aesthetics (I worked as a copywriter and PR for an aesthetic clinic when I was 23), I know how important looking good is. It's the same for your business online. We want it to look beautiful, and I've spent the past 10 years learning and implementing how to do that. From designing the perfect branding, to creating the picture perfect feed and stories that sell (honest, hop on my personal Instagram here, I'm all about represeting a colour theme @cantbuyyoustyle)- all in a beautiful way that resonates with the gorgeous brand you've created. But more importantly, that it transcends from your day to day business to the online world so your potential clients land on your Instagram and think "oh my, that's the business for me!"

With an Instagram Makeover, we find out: who is your dream client, what do they want from you and how can we package up your business to represent how fabulous you are on your Instagram feed and stories. This can be anything from designing super easy customisable branded templates, to organising a content creation day to capture videos and photos of your business in operation. The package includes branded highlights, custom hashtags that work for your strategy, a content planner so you have a plan moving ahead and customisable story templates. It's the perfect way to set the tone of creating a beautiful, branded feed that your dream audience will flock to. If you're reading this right now and thinking "OMG this is exactly what I want and need!", inbox me and Quote: INSTAMAKEOVER- I'll give you the makeover for half price (it's usually £200, but you've made it through my post this far, why not!)

Is someone else doing your Instagram for you the dream?

Preach! Haha - I'm kidding, I love managing business Instagrams. It's my jam. I love watching your numbers grow, your enquiries flow in and your feed looking polished AF. I love being part of your journey and revel in your success! It's unreal. Making people feel beautiful and happy is a gift: you do it for your clients, I do it for your Instagram. It's a total win win. Can you just feel that blissful energy resonating. I'll have to apologise though, because when I first started putting my packages together, I had 1 set fee for 1 set package. Now I know we all have very different budgets, we also have all had very different experiences of services: and truth be told, this kinda thing is an investment. However, it works. The magic of social media is that our audience and clients are already there. There are 1 billion people on instagram - a chunk of them are looking for what you do! Our job - is to send them to the right place - your inbox! So then you do you and get them booked in! But like I said, I'm working with a full range of budgets and experiences, so I've decided to do a range of packages that reflects this. I always say though, a 3 month commitment is crucial to see growth - as with any service: eyelashes need 2 weeks maintenance, laser hair removal takes 6-8 months: your Instagram is no different. It needs nurturing and watering and aftercare. It isn't simply a case of throwing up some decent photos and hoping for the best. We gotta get social. We gotta set ourselves apart from our competition but celebrate their wins. We gotta be present. This takes time. And we all know time is precious. I'd pay for more time - would you?

That's what an Instagram Takeover offers you: time. Time to commit to your purpose. Time to be with your clients. Time to grow your business offline. Time to train your staff. Not worry about messing round with a new DSLR camera you have no idea how to use nor want to because you know you need better photos on the 'gram. Then taking them and being like:

"WTF I need to do a photography course now"

before you know it you're questioning your entire existence, sod it and leave the next post for another week .... sound familiar?

So here's my offer, I've done a range of packages and I'm gonna pop them down here. Find your dream package or find your dream price: totally up to you. Wanna haggle and bargain with me: come at me bro - I'm all ears! Wanna just commit "Take my money Laura" - hey girl, I'm here for you and I'll always have me camera! Just remember, this is price per month, that 30 days includes: content creation for 30 posts, writing 30 captions, scheduling 30 posts, creating 30+ stories, maintaining your highlights, sending over daily enquiries, software use for growth, unique hashtag searches and staying on trend plus focusing them at your ideal audience for growth. The Basic Package works out at £8.30 per day and The Works is £20 per day. Worth it? I think so! The more you invest, the more time you get from me. Interested? If you book any of the packages for 3 months, and Quote: INSTATAKEOVER I'll throw in a Video Banner for your Facebook worth £75.


I've worked with clients nationally and locally for Instagram Takeovers and globally for Makeovers. I work online so I'm always available no matter where you are in the world. My mission is to make every female business owner have access to digital services that are affordable and that will help them grow their sales online. I don't want you to be buying bots online because you think that 10k followers looks good, I also don't want you at a night course in graphic design because you need to sort ya logo out: you do you and concentrate on your business and I'll do my bit to help you achieve your business aesthetic. After all, I am all about the Beauty of Business.

-Laura x

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