UNREEL PLANNER - Digital Product

UNREEL PLANNER - Digital Product

The Back Story of How We Got Here

So, I decided to get on Reels on Instagram, even though I have made them for clients, I hadn't even began to use them as a strategy for my own business growth. So I decided to create 31 Day Reel Challenge, mainly to push myself out of my commfort zone, and if anyone else gained from it, well bonus.


And here I am, on day 10, making a planner. I've been using my notes in my phone, but I wanted to create something more structured and accessible to other business owners who want to make Reels, however, sat down like Idid and though "what a minefield, sod it, I'll just post a quote"


So my question to you is, do you want:

  • To stay focused on your Reels Strategy
  • Save time
  • Create snackable, binge-worthy reels that your audience loves to see from you

... and do all of this consistently?


... Well, welcome to the Beauty of Business UnReel Planner.



  • Do you scroll through reels and forget to save your audio?
  • Do you find amazing reels that you want to recreate, then when it comes to creating them, you can't find them again ... 
  • Do you sit down to batch your content and every single idea, though and game changing tranition has completely left your brain?


... been there, done that -  and now I've made the planner!



I found when I started making Reels, half the battle was:

  • Researching and saving ideas
  • Planning my next 7 reels ahead
  • Creating a checklist of what I needed
  • Working around the Reel headline and writing down a strong hook


This took time. And that was before I'd even set up, sorted my hair and make up, found my props and got myself all hyped up. My point is, these amazing little snippets of content that connect to your dream audience and help grow your account, take absolute time, planning and commitment. 


But the rewards are worth it.



  • My Reel game just elevated 1000%. My views, reach and engagement saw an instant spike.
  • My inbox was filling up with enquiries (which lead to sales)
  • I even started repurposing them on other platforms like YouTube + Pinterest which I hadn't even factored into my strategy - and all because:


  1. I was saving time
  2. Applying my strategy
  3. Serving my audience
  4. Creating what I'd actually planned


I've taken all that I've learned so far on my Reels journey (so far, it's been 10 days!) and I've created an UnReel Planner to help you save time, have a firm plan on content creation day, take away that initial "what the hell am I doing" vibe and help you really fine tune that Reel Strategy so you can share the same success on your Instagram too!


I really hope it helps! Any Qs, gimme a shout.


- Laura @ Beauty of Business


*This is a digital product. It is for individual use only and is prohibited from reproduction. It remains the intellecutal property of Beauty of Business.