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Social Media

Instagram Workshops For Your Business

No idea where to start with you Business Instagram?

Running a business is hard enough without contending with the social media too - trust me, it's my full time job!

I absoloutely love it


If social media marketing is not your forteite, I am here for you queen. Let's make it your new fave source of 

Online Marketing

I have managed international, national and SME social media accounts for over 7 years - as well as my own. I am an MSc in Digital Marketing and I own my craft. Netflix and chill? Not me queen, I'm all about Forbes and

'Beating the Algorithm'


I continually read and research my craft so you can benefit from all my expertise and we can curate a strategy that works for you and your

Business Goals

If you want to own your social, set your brand apart and start creating leads, communicating with your aideicne and making those hot sales - it's time. Join me at my next

Instagram Workshop.


Workshop Gallery

Check out my Social Media Queens in Action!